Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Having joined the Nightriders, deciding on a bike to go along need some careful thinking;

A rekindled passion

I used to cycle to school daily.A 3 mile journey with friends.Finishing school and graduating I left my cycling and bought a car.
That was in 1979.Thirty years later being seconded to Iskandar Regional Development Authority and based away from family, opportunity knocks to renewing my former passion.


                                                 They are IRDA nightriders.A bunch of motley crue. Engku Ahmad Kamil initiated the club. Initially there were 12 of us.For every Wednesday nights we cycled from office in Danga Bay to the Zone in Stulang Laut

Monday, 6 July 2015

In the beginning...there was the bicycle. A 2 legged workhorse. A magical form of communication.This is my world of me and my bicycles and my cycling stories. I love bicycles. Thats me...an OMIL.Old Man In Lycra

This clever invention has a a wikipedia definition;  It is a human powered,pedal driven,single track vehicle having two wheels attached to a frame,one behind the other.
Introduced in the 19th century in Europe currently numbers to a billion around the globe.
My first introduction to a bicycle and falling off it was in the fifties.
I went to school 2 miles away on a bicycle.
A band new raleigh road bike in 1962 cost RM 90.00.